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Serena Ypelaar


_MG_0539 (3)Serena Ypelaar is a museum professional, historian, and writer. Born and raised in Toronto, she focuses on interpretation, colonial history, and literary biography. When she’s not writing or interpreting something, you can find her on a long walk (a “ramble”), reading Harry Potter, or attending a rock concert.

Photo: Kristen Lindsay Photography

Ann Davis



Ann Davis graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in English Literature, and now works within the public library system. In addition to her interests in books, history, and Canadiana, she is also passionate about travel. You can find her adventures on Instagram at @travelblooming.

Photo: Ann Davis

Jenny Lee


jennyleeJenny Lee is an emerging arts professional who writes things, reads things, and makes things in Toronto. She’s interested in literary and cultural history, art and architecture, and writing inclusive, intersectional criticism of our cultural products and stories. She is probably listening to a podcast right now.

Photo: Jenny Lee

Lilia Lockwood


Lilia_SquareLilia Lockwood is a historian working for the federal government in Ottawa. She is especially interested in local histories and in how we tell the “story” part of history. A lifelong Ottawan, she enjoys walking around the city and spending time in the company of good books and baked goods.

Photo: Grace Evers

Sadie MacDonald


Sadie_SquareSadie MacDonald is a rambling, research-loving ragamuffin currently working in the Toronto art world. Originally from the Maritimes, she spent a bit too much of her childhood in the States. She loves discovering stories in history, literature, art, and media – don’t ask her to choose just one field, though.

Photo: Sadie MacDonald

Daniel Rose



Daniel Rose is an historian and infrequent writer working in Kingston’s heritage sector. His interests include Confederation-era Canada and how museums and galleries frame stories from this time. Beyond the museum, Daniel enjoys reading about local history, recreating historic houses in Lego and spending far too much time thinking about sports.

Photo: Laura Buehler

Bretton Weir


Bretton_Square (3)Bretton Weir is a self-described museum enthusiast with a penchant for meaning-making, accessibility, and preservation. Originating from Edmonton, Bretton now calls Toronto home. Outside of his museum and heritage wheelhouse, Bretton can be found attending a spin class or scouting the city for some local craft cocktails (often in succession). 

Photo: Bretton Weir

Adriana Wiszniewska


Adriana_SquareAdriana Wiszniewska is a writer and academic from Ottawa. She writes about art, fiction, and history, focusing mostly on modern and contemporary literature and American cultural history. She spends her days obsessing over monsters and marvelling at the things people do with words.

Photo: Adriana Wiszniewska

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