Symbolism of The Mindful Rambler

What does our logo mean?

The Mindful Rambler is all about storytelling, learning, and interpreting, and the symbols we use reflect those themes. The fox represents shrewd resourcefulness, while the raven represents a clever and inquisitive approach. The feather is a nod to the quill, a classic writing instrument – and we’re all about communication! Finally, we’re based in the proverbial forest of knowledge, where new discoveries are guaranteed as long as one enters with an open mind.


Why are we called The Mindful Rambler?

Portrait of Samuel Johnson by Joshua Reynolds (1775).

The name comes from Samuel Johnson’s The Rambler, a periodical published between 1750 and 1752 featuring literature, society, politics, and ethics. Likewise, The Mindful Rambler is an interdisciplinary publication discussing history, literature, biography, art, and culture, thus paying homage to the prolific writer.

Also known as the author of the first English dictionary, Dr. Johnson wrote literary criticism, essays, poetry, plays, and biographies. He was an avid tea drinker, cat lover, and fellow rambler (so he’s among friends here).

To ramble has a double meaning. It’s an old Middle Dutch/Middle English word that means “to walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route”. It also means “to talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way”. Our team of ramblers tries not to get too confused, but we do ask a lot of questions, purely for the enjoyment and educational benefit of exploring new ideas. We aim to follow in the footsteps of storytellers and interpreters before us, while seeking and sharing knowledge with humble hearts and minds – in other words, mindfully